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  1. Hello! I have finally finished up several of my projects and now find my self with ample time and drive to pick this project up almost full time. Expect many updates coming in the next few weeks. Including a launcher to allow folks access to the test and build environment. I hope you are all as excited as I am!
  2. I am spinning things back up around here after taking a few years break on the project. Technology and the frameworks involved have come so far along that it's an excellent time to take advantage and get this project rolling again. I have decided to make this the worlds first Private MMO for role players. Keep an eye here for more! "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." Sethrious the Lost Year of the forked road.
  3. :)


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  4. New patch notes incoming.

  5. until
    We will begin our first Private alpha Play test
  6. The city of Vlast is coming to life!!

  7. Character's Orgins Implemented.

    More information coming soon!

  8. Equipping armor is working now! :)

  9. Working on skill sets and player owned Buildings :)

  10. New character models? New Weapons? Hmmmm? Got my battle station back. :) means it's time to get to work.

  11. Patcher functions properly now I can get back to creating the important stuff!

  12. I think I got the launcher issue sorted out. Soon!

  13. Tenacity Online's private alpha cycle is online.
  14. Tenacity Online is an independently published MMORPG. It will feature classic MMORPG systems from such games as Everquest , Dark ages of Camelot , Ashrons Call, Star Wars Galaxies and others. Some of the features include but not limited to quest lines that don't hold your hand, Highly customize able character avatars, a large open world ripe for exploration, player built and controlled regions, unique spell system and much much more. Recently a small team of creative writers has been formed and are beginning to help flesh out the world of Tenacia. This team will be known as Lore Keepers and will be tasked with the continued creation of lore inside the world of Tenacia. As new lore, zones, monsters and cities are created they will be added to the game. Some additions will be announced while most will remain hidden only to be discovered by hearty explorers! Team Tenacity will strive to create a world all player types can enjoy. If you are a player who loves to explore, fight, craft, roleplay, group, raid, dungeon crawl or socialize this is the game for you. This has been a private quiet endeavor for the better part of 2016. The recent addition of our website and community forums will allow for us to begin forming a strong community. I look forward to the future of creating an immersive and fantastic experience for all MMO players to enjoy. Currently this is a small team with zero budget. The games development so far has been out of pocket for our team. You can rest assured that we take our work very seriously and will only strive to bring you the experience you crave. Welcome to Tenacity Online Sethrious, World Master